Outwork outdrive outperform

Go further than anybody else.

It is okay to be the 1% out there.
It's okay to work harder than everybody in the room.

Simple. Just get better. Just do better. Just do it, maybe.
We talk all the time and talk gets bored and goes for a walk and never coming back. 

Talk is expensive – It cost you time, and time is the most valuable thing you have. 

Or is it ? Maybe knowledge is even more valuable.

If we dive deep enough in the noumenon of existential suffering, we reached the boundaries of the latin language.
So dive that deep before taking a break. 

Until you feel the need to find a language older than words, go get some. 

Explore the uncharted territories of the human mind and the almost virgin field of human psychology. 

Be the smartest guy in the room. 

Be the toughest, strongest, sharpest.
It is okay to aim at these goals.
It might be the only thing reasonable to do in this insane, sick world. 

- Jean-Pascal Remon

Attack life without mercy


It is okay to work harder, longer, smarter, than the 99%. There is absolutely no shortcut to your dream. Outperform yourself, everyday. 


Go further than anyone else. Go to places no one ever goes. Go explore the uncharted and the mysterious. Do things so one day you can write a book about what you did during your time on Earth.


Don't be here to compete with anyone. Be in here to absolutely annihilate the competition. Show no mercy towards laziness. 



They know it.


People love their bullshit.

They keep doing it, and the world goes around and round and none the wiser.

Laziness is the problem of the world. Fight it back, at all cost.
Cause the cost of non-doers is their own life.
By trying to protect yourself from hardship, you plunge right into it.
The river is not the obstacle. 

It is the way.

Chase meaning first.

Everybody wants to be rich, but nobody wants meaning. 

Chase meaning first.
Meaning will give you true wealth.

The kingdom of God is not on the same level of your the human mind. 

Drive on the paths of knowledge further than anybody else.
Chase the things from Above, and all things will be giving to you.
Contentment has no price tag; and that's why so few people can obtain it.

Life is actually very short.

Be there to win the long run. 

Throttle back the bullshit. 

Go on changing the world.
And as Jordan B Peterson said, GO DO SOMETHING.

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